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About Us

Brenna Stone Jewelry is an online collection of sterling silver and stone jewelry designed and created in Indiana by Brenna Picco - lifelong Hoosier and Fort Wayne resident. 

Sterling silver and semi-precious stones are used to make most of the jewelry in the Brenna Stone Jewelry collection.  Leather, hemp, Swarovski crystals, and beach stones are also a favorite.  I occasionally tarnish, or "antique", the silver to create a vintage look. 

I started Brenna Stone Jewelry in 2009 basically to fund my jewelry making hobby.   I had been making jewelry for years, and then came the internet.  Oh the resources available!  Before long I was able to advance my jewelry making skills and decided to buy some silver wire and turquoise stones.  Then I bought some more......

So here I am.  I take great pride in each and every piece of jewelry I make, and still get butterflies in my stomach after all these years with each order I drop at the post office!  The thought that somewhere out there people are wearing my jewelry.... I guess that's why I keep making it!